FOR RENT : CF NK 250cc

CF NK 250cc
CFNK 250cc
Year of issue: 2024
Mileage: Unlimited


Price List

  Low Season                    High Season

1st day         45                      50

2nd day        75                      90

3rd day        105                    130

4th day        130                    165

5th day        150                    205

6th day        170                    245

7th day        190                    285

*Low season: 01/05 until 30/06 and from 16/09 until the end of season

*High season: 01/07 until 15/09

Rental Terms

Rent request more than 3 days

Drivers license  A2


Vehicle ID: CF NK 250cc
Condition: new
Listing type: For rent
Price type: starting
Transmission: manual
Number of speeds: 6Spd
Fuel type: petrol
No location available
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