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Our tours are entertaining and sightseeing trips with quad bikes. The safari invites you not only to have fun while driving the four-wheeler, but also to get to know beautiful places in Kefalonia. Highlight your holidays on a unique off road experience. Enjoy amazing escape routes in an unspoilt nature and enjoy the magical panorama. The Motoround Quad Safari will get back to nature and explore the Mountains of Kefalonia driving off road. We will pass by Saint George Castle, Saint Gerasimos Monastery and in National park Mountain Ainos green and beautiful forests. We will have time to enjoy the magnificent views of the island and make awesome pictures. AINOS MOUNTAIN

ainos mountain.Mt. Ainos is the only National Park situated on a Greek Island. You will find it on Kefalonia Island in the Ionian Sea! The park stretches over 3,000 hectares and its highest peak is Megas Soros that reaches 1,628 m. What is so special about this Park is that a single species of fir called Abies Cephalonica grows at altitudes of 600-1,600 metres and covers ⅔ of the park’s area. This endemic species was classified by British JW Loudon in 1838. As impressive as this forest might be you will also be amazed by your encounter with the small semi-wild horses (Equus caballus) which you’ll see mostly at the SE side of the mountain.

Mt. Ainos was first declared as a National Park in 1962 and houses the heart of Kefalonia’s biodiversity. Visitors and environmentalists flock to Mt. Ainos as it is the island’s most precious reserve.


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